Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Calling all Autism-Moms!

IAM is putting together a collection of our stories for an informal Mother's Day publication. Please send your stories to catb@IAM-HOPE.org before Mother's Day, May 11th.

This is an idea of one of the IAM Moms, who writes:

"Each of us has our story, a place where it started. I find a lot of solace in hearing each of the other IAM's stories, and I think it would be wonderful to collect them up and have them available for other parents who join the group to read. I also think it would be very helpful to parents with questions about their children to read the stories of what we noticed, and when, and what our paths to diagnosis (or not) have been like. Please let me know what you think of this idea - If there are concerns about protecting the privacy/anonymity of our children/families, we could write them up anonymously and control the distribution, etc."

Funny, thought inspiring, often heartbreaking and poignant, long, short.....please write whatever comes to mind--we will edit if you can only manage a draft!

Let's celebrate our Motherhood of these amazing kids!

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