Tuesday, April 29, 2008

ARC of Kitsap

The ARC Parent to Parent program focused on Autism Awareness month.

  1. They have A Kitsap County support group. The group ASIF is ordering puzzle pieces to sell to support Austim research and go support sending a member of their group to a meeting in Detroit.contact is Sherryt Charlot (360)377-34732.
  2. Autism Awareness classes ( Autism 101 and 200) sponsored the Children's Hospital for paernts and caregivers.
  3. They have a video and telecommunications outreach program for those who can't attend.contact is Sherry Charlot.
  4. There is a grant for families to pay for biomedical treaments, supplements or therapies paid directly to venders via National Autism Association.
  5. A Kingston mom is doing two Awareness walks this week, one in Suquamish and another in Port Gamble/Sklallam. The North Kistap Herald has an article about her on April 26th.contact Trisha: (360)340-4925

ARC of Kitsp County has more information. ( 360)377-3473

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