Monday, January 7, 2008

Meeting Notes - 11/7

Introduction to Dietary Intervention for Autism:
Food Allergies, Intolerance and Food as a Neuro-toxin.

Why Eliminate Foods?
- The Science of food and drink; every molecule can have an effect on our bodies.
- We now know through scientific evidence that food and chemicals entering the body have a direct impact on mood, our neurological state and our brain.
- Food and behavior is a well documented relationship.
- Proven connections with neurological function and consumption of food additives, dyes, nitrates and preservatives as manifested in skin reactions, rhinitis, migraines, severe psychiatric problems, Gastro-Intestinal malfunction, hyperactivity, sleep problems and mood in children.

Intolerances and Sentivities vs. Allergies:

True Allergies:
- The bodies immune system produces a substance called IgE antibodies.
- The body releases histamine.
- Well known symptoms: rashes, sneezing, mucus production usually immediately following exposure.

Intolereance and Sensitivity:
- The body reacts by producing IgG antibodies.
- Antibodies are produced when ‘unidentified particles’ or chemicals leak through the gut (GI system) and continue to ‘wander-around’ the bloodstream.
- Symptoms show up as changes in behavior rather than a histiminal reaction.
- Delayed and cumulative.

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